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Takeshi Kanemura

Takeshi Kanemura was an artist in our show Plastic Sunshine at Groundspace Project, and also performed collaboratively during the event Including You.  He just returned from a trip to his birthplace in Okinawa prefecture, Japan.   (He performed there as well, and when I get pictures I will happily share them.)  These performances are important to him, because while at times the performances are duplicated, the nature of a western audience versus an eastern audience is what comes into play.  That being said, Takeshi considers all of his performances as collaborative, at least between him and the audience.  He also likes to consider his influences: growing up in Okinawa, which has a US Military base, has given him a unique perspective of both what is Japanese, and what is American.  He seeks to demonstrate this combination of cultures in the making of his identity through his work.  Typically exhibited are the “artifacts” of his performances.  Sometimes the leftover materials used, sometimes more formal paintings on canvas.  These are a record of the body in motion and a reminder of the fleetingness of the moment which makes performance as a medium so intimate.
Below is a picture from the closing of Plastic Sunshine, with his painting on the back wall, Navy with white drips making a circle.  The other two images are from Including You.  The singer shown is Cris Law, who improvised a melody that Takeshi reacted to during the performance.  You can view more of his work at his website:

Cris Law collaboration including you Takeshipainting

In The Works

Scouting 50 Bucks Gallery

We have been offered a space… at 50 Bucks Gallery.  LGT! took a walk around and came up with some great ideas for it.  Details soon!

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Christy Roberts

Christy Roberts was an artist included in the show Nothing Heavy.  These are images from her performance, Atonement. 

IMG_3154 IMG_3161 IMG_3163 IMG_3164





approximately 25 hours


Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, begins at sundown September 13th and ends and sundown September 14th. Traditionally, it is believed that God writes one’s fate for the year in the Book of Life and on Yom Kippur, that book is closed with God’s final verdict. Thus Jews spend the day confessing and atoning for their sins, in addition to refraining from eating, drinking, bathing, wearing leather, engaging in sexual relations, and anointing one’s self with fragrance or lotion. It is believed that by denying the body comfort, one denies the soul comfort and is truly able to understand pain and reflect on the pain caused to others.
After participating in the abstention rituals of Yom Kippur, I will confess my sins for the year and beg forgiveness for them from the universe. At sundown, I will purify myself in a homemade Mikveh (a body of “collected water” used in ritual purification) and break my fast with a traditional Jewish feast.
Christy Roberts

artists, Plastic Sunshine

Including You, Day of Performance by Takeshi Kanemura


Including You, held on August 4th 2013, was a day of performance art by Takeshi Kanemura.  It was held in the Project Space at Groundspace Project in Los Angeles, during LGT!’s show Plastic Sunshine.

The following are links to videos of those performances.  Takeshi Kanemura collaborated with three artists.  Mei Hotta (cello player), Johnny Guerrero (saxophone player), and Cris Law (countertenor).